City of Glenpool: Municipal Government

The Glenpool Business Opportunity

Total retail demand in 2012 for the Glenpool Trade Area was $1.48 billion. Grocery & food store sales made up $181 million of that total, with another $146 million coming from eating and drinking establishments. Glenpool's total taxable retail sales have continued to grow throughout the recession, evidence of a healthy and vibrant retail and business community. Secondary growth including multi-family, multi-tenant office and business structures and other daytime demand drivers are continuing to grow the opportunity in Glenpool. Numerous business have opened in the past few years, but the Opportunity Gap in the Glenpool Trade Area remains very attractive for a variety of businesses.

With a total retail opportunity gap of $695,030,173 (2012), the Glenpool trade area will support many additional businesses comfortably.

Furniture & Home Furnishings $17,020,797
Electronics & Appliance Stores $17,833,478
Food & Beverage (Grocery) $106,156,376
Health & Personal Care $47,924,448
Clothing & Clothing Accessories $42,356,679
Sporting Goods, Hobby, Books $23,096,913
Office Supplies / Stationery / Gifts $12,915,682
Full-Service Restaurants $40,561,570