Why Do I Need a Permit?

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Why do I need a permit? Permits are required when there is new construction, additions, alterations and certain repairs to an existing structure require a permit. In most cases when a building is to be remodeled, renovated, or enlarged, a permit shall be required. Permit requirements are for any work on commercial or residential properties. 

New structures/buildings require a permit. Accessory structures such as storage buildings, shade structures and storm shelters also require a permit. Additions are considered to be anything added/attached to a structure. Patio covers, added rooms and some outdoor kitchens may be considered an addition. Construction requiring framing, electrical, plumbing and A/C changes will require permits. Currently, Fence permits are not issued through the city unless they are on commercial property or taller than 7 feet. 

Projects such as painting, carpeting, wallpapering, replacing or adding cabinets, and trim work are considered cosmetic and do not require a permit. Contact the Building Division for assistance concerning your specific project.(Most information for types of permits should be on our web site) 

 There is often considerable concern about the purpose, reason and need for building permits. The requirement of a building permit is mandated by the Adopted Ordinance for the City of Glenpool, the OUBCC, International Building, Residential, Fire, Mechanical, Fuel Gas, Plumbing and National Electrical Codes. The purpose of permits is to ensure conformity of the adopted codes by allowing qualified City Inspectors to investigate and examine the work. 

The problems that can arise from not acquiring a permit is that construction is a substantial financial investment. That investment can have issues that are unknown to the buyer. Work done without required permits is not only a code violation, but it can create issues when you try to sell your property. A homeowner’s insurance coverage, may not recognize work performed without permits and may cause coverage issues. Another issue is that the buyer of a property will inherit any work that did not meet code and it is now the new owner’s problem.

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